Before Paid Search, There’s EdgeTheory

Social media marketing and traditional marketing are different beasts both conceptually and in practice; however, they’re based in commonality; after all, social media marketing was born out of traditional advertising.

One of those commonalities? The utilization of the marketing funnel – the journey from consumer interest to the buying decision.

Marketing Funnel and EdgeTheory

At EdgeTheory, we sit on top of the funnel. We’re the “pre-search” to the consumers’ search. How will your purchasers find you if they don’t know to look for you? With the view at the top of the funnel, we’re able to get people to search more.

Not only BEFORE but in addition to your listing sites, paid search, pay-per-click, and even before your print media, EdgeTheory is finding the pre-customers through authentic organic social messaging that feeds existing marketing channels.

Our capability to enable people to not only search more but find you. From online search and print/television media, webpage or in-person visits, contacts/leads to conversion, EdgeTheory flows through to the buying decision.

If you’re looking for, as Kerri Reed describes, “a cost effective alternative” to print media and other online paid-for searches or listing sites, EdgeTheory will find people not looking for you, and who wouldn’t want that?