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7 Ways to Amplify Your Story with Social Marketing

When you think about social media marketing, is it overwhelming and intimidating? With the abundance of technical jargon — a mishmash of words and abbreviations like cloud, avatars, cookies, SEO, retweet, like, follow — and confusing tools like Google Analytics, TweetDeck, and AdWords, it’s no wonder social marketing is approached with trepidation. But really, social media, at its core, is simple. It. Is. Word. Of. Mouth. Powered. By. Technology.

Social marketing is the way for your business to amplify its story and share with people around the world (people who may not have ever found you if left to the devices and limits of traditional advertising) what sets your company apart from the competition.

So, if social media marketing is word-of-mouth, how do you make sure your message is amplified?

  1. Timing is everything
  2. Some platforms, like Facebook, offer a dashboard that showcase the times your page is most frequented, as well as which gender, age, nationality, and from which geographical location comprises the majority of your visitors involved with your posts. A smorgasbord of information at your fingertips that’ll amplify your message because you can dedicate your time and energy to gain the most results.

  3. Use multimedia
  4. Photos, links, infographics, videos, audio, oh my! Posts with multimedia get shared more. It’s just a fact, so why not use that knowledge and incorporate it into your posts?

  5. Mobilize
  6. Where’s your cell phone right now? If not within arm’s reach, it’s within earshot. You have to ensure your website, blog, and social posts are mobile friendly because people browse through all of those platforms — they read blogs, tweet and retweet, share, follow, search through/for websites, shop, review your service whether at a restaurant or store — on their mobile device.

  7. Repurpose when possible
  8. Don’t have time to construct a whole new blog post or new content for your Twitter or Facebook feed? It’s okay to repurpose old content. If there was a tweet or post that was well received via several retweets, likes, or lots of positive feedback, then reword that message, and send it again! Send people to a popular blog post with a newly constructed tweet with a link to the webpage, or if you only tweeted something originally, then send it out on a different platform. Social media doesn’t have to be time consuming to be effective.

  9. Optimize everything
  10. SEO — Search Engine Optimization — makes it easier for the Google machine (or Bing or Yahoo) to find YOUR information across the entire Internet and return it. Everything from keywords, post frequency and links to quality of text and images formulates SEO. You want to be as relevant as possible so searches return your information (and as close to the top of the first page as possible). Make sure you you’re using keywords (and the proper keywords at that)! Also, don’t forget that all of your social channels are interconnected, so be sure to integrate your posts with each platform. For more tips on optimization, this is a really handy guide.

  11. Tag it
  12. This is how you define how your material appears in social streams. When used correctly, tags help content spread which leads to an increase of links and mentions (ergo it amplifies your message). For a more in-depth look into tags, click here.

  13. Make sure it’s shareable
  14. If you spend time crafting the perfect blog post or beautifully worded tweet, there’s nothing worse than forgetting to make sure it’s readily shareable.¬†Social media marketing allows a limitless amount of people to spread the word for you (which to reiterate, amplifies your story), but there must be a simple and obvious way for your audience to share your posts and messages; otherwise, they won’t do it. Don’t miss out on shareable opportunities.

By making sure your social marketing efforts are effective and successful, your message will amplify itself.