Sports Fans: The Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

Their are perhaps no greater brand ambassadors than sports fans. The athletics industry — players and coaches, college and professional — has troves of motivated fans — people who will buy merchandise, name their children after their favorite player, and move heaven and earth to be at every game lest the team lose without their support.

What if you could harness the power of your fans? With Soundboard by EdgeTheory, you will.

They wear the jerseys, they put the bumper stickers on their cars, they wave the giant foam fingers. Now just imagine if you could turn those fanatics into an army of social voices. Soundboard can help you do exactly that – amplify your team’s narrative using your fans’ thousands and thousands of Twitter handles. By publishing messages through your fans’ own handles, the result is authentic, enthusiastic messaging.

How does it work?

  1. Get your own Soundboard page where your fans can sign up.
  2. Your fans/supporters authorize to publish pre-approved messages.
  3. Thousands of voices are sharing authentic messages across the world.

Soundboard amplifies, unifies, and multiplies your message by encouraging your fans and supporters to publish YOUR messages from their accounts. Whatever is buzzing around your brand or team — games, events, trends, promotions — will be shared by your biggest supporters in your own voice.

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