Organization for the Full-Time Working Millennial: Part 1

We all know the millennial stereotypes: the cheapest generation, no plans to settle down, sticking with a job only long enough to save up for a backpacking trip in Europe, little money to spend but no one would know it by our collection of various technologies or the high priced cocktails we drink on the weekends, and the list goes on. With those qualities comes a stigma… that we are all, perhaps, unorganized kids with no plan or rhyme or reason to life.

Whether that’s just a stigma or not, we could all use a little organization and order in our lives. In Organization for the Full-Time Working Millennial: Part 1 I want to discuss a few ideas that I, a millennial, pulled together to make my life easier.

The subject I want to focus on today is the millennial at work. So, take a break from that show on Netflix that you’re currently binge watching and see if maybe you can take just one of these ideas and make it work for your life.

The Millennial at Work

Most likely you spend a lot of time at your desk (40 hours a week and about 50 weeks a year after holidays and vacation days), so why wouldn’t you want to make it an enjoyable place to be?

First, cut the clutter. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it’s a proven fact that less clutter = more productivity. Next, head to your local office supply store and pick up an organizer of some sort so you can have easy access to pens, notepads, important files, etc. No more digging through that mountain of papers to find what you need, or borrowing a pen from your co-worker because you misplaced yours again. Last, add a touch of home to your desk. Whether that’s pictures of friends and family, a cute lamp, a small plant, a stuffed dragon, or a mini sandbox… your options are endless.

I wanted to leave you with some at-work quick tips that are sure to make you stand out from others. Things you can do today to improve your job experience: Show up early, put effort into your appearance, and don’t be the first to leave at the end of the day. Ask your managers if there’s anything you can help them with (to establish trust that you aren’t sitting around surfing the internet) and be a team player, however that looks like at your office- helping your co-workers with big projects, going to lunch with the group, planning after work activities, or coming up with new ideas to improve your work place, etc.

With so many possibilities, you can find one thing that works for you to make your life a little more organized. Just one new idea can change how you feel about your work environment. Stay tuned for Organization for the Full-Time Working Millennial: Part 2!