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Hiding Easter Eggs for a Social Media Surprise

Did you know that, in Google Chrome, if you lose Internet connection, there’s a game you can play? (Hint: If the T-Rex shows up (like below), hit the spacebar!)


While waiting for your YouTube video to load, you can play the game Snake? Try going to Google Search and typing “do a barrel roll.” 

Internet and video game mavens are constantly on the prowl for tricks like these. But what are they? They’re Easter eggs.

“An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program, video game, movie, book, or crossword puzzle,” according to Wikipedia. Easter Eggs are really popular among the people who spend an ample amount of time online (which is most people nowadays).

Can these little nuggets are a great way for you to utilize these in your social media marketing strategy? YES! Why should you? We’re so glad you asked! Here are three very persuasive reasons:

They build engagement between people rather than logos.

This is an important concept in social media marketing, and it’s especially important for businesses and brands to understand. Vince Ginsburg explains why Easter eggs are successful, “Easter eggs are made by people, for people. They are like that sly, knowing wink, conveying that if you take this off-beaten track you’ll find something wonderful. These hidden features and content are candy, and people love candy. They’re willing to go hunting for it, even diving into the dirt for it.”

Easter Eggs add a touch of fun to your marketing.

A little fun goes a long way for humanizing your brand online. Easter eggs offer you the opportunity to let your hair down, to show you aren’t just a corporate creature. If you have fun with your social media marketing, then you’ll convey that through the screen. People notice when you’re authentic and having fun, and they certainly notice insincerity and stiffness.

They create inside connections.

You want to build advocates? Touches like Easter eggs are a way to encourage people to come to your website, blog, or social media, stay awhile, and share with their friends. Ginsburg says, “An easter egg forms a bond between the content producer/developer and the viewer. Finding these hidden treasures is like being a part of an inside joke, one that only a select number of individuals are aware of and can partake of. It forms a connection between the finder and other finders.”

Still unsure? Consider what Mashable has to say about incorporating these guys into your social marketing,

So why are these easter eggs important? Because they are a display of your company letting its hair down. Proof that your studio isn’t just a corporate entity, but filled with people too. It endears your company to the viewer. And whatever progress that goes towards making your organization seem more like a friend and less like a merchant is good, because people typically stick with their friends.

Easter eggs are just one way for you to humanize your brand and help you engage with people online, but the important takeaway here is: You must behave like a person on social media if you want people to interact, engage, and ultimately choose you as their go-to for your industry or product.