5 Ways Soundboard Can Change your Political Campaign

“From the streets of Cairo and the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, from the busy political calendar to the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, social media was not only sharing the news but driving it.” -Dan Rather

There is no doubt that social media — platforms like Facebook and Twitter — is an inescapable tool for politicians to engage and be engaged with the public. We can follow political campaigns or proponents easier and actually interact with them, ask them questions, send them messages directly. With this capability for ebb and flow, however, are politicians using social media in ways that enhance opportunities for dialogue? Unfortunately, it seems the answer is no.

Politicians mostly use social media “as a means of distributing information (one-way flow) and to make themselves both visible and ‘hip’ to the public.” Citizen engagement is crucial to the success of politicians’ social media usage. How can you, as a politician, ensure you are having a conversation with your constituents?

Soundboard for politics.

It allows your most passionate supporters to speak for you with messaging created by you and made relevant by our platform. Below, you’ll find the five ways Soundboard will amp up your politics on social media.

1. Publish

We’ll publish pre-approved across a multitude of voices.

2. Deploy

We’ll deploy multiple messaging strategies simultaneously.

3. Get ahead

We’ll get ahead of unexpected crises.

4. Respond

We’ll respond in real-time to events that are unfolding.

5. Share

We’ll share breaking news.

Don’t let social media get the best of your campaign, reputation, or success. With Soundboard, you’ll never be caught off-guard or struggle to use social media effectively. Social marketing is a necessary tool in your arsenal, and you can no longer afford to avoid using it, especially if you want to reach voters across a broader landscape.