How to Cleanse your Social Media with Facebook’s “On This Day” Page

Spring is here! And what is the reason for the season other than a guilt-ridden reason for a deep cleansing? Spring cleaning is as important to your social media, as we’ve already mentioned, so it’s time to declutter and rethink your social photos, themes, and content.

A great way to cleanse your old posts on Facebook is to use their new On This Day page! Kerry Flynn of International Business Times says,

These aggregated posts will be accessible in an On This Day bookmark or by visiting The posts may also just show up in an individual’s News Feed, Facebook product manager Jonathan Gheller wrote in the blog.

The feature will be visible only to individual users for their own content, unless they choose to share it with friends. Now, if you’ve been neglecting to do a social media cleanse, Facebook has conveniently brought up daily reminders to do so.

How does it work? International Business Times explains, 

With every post, you can easily click on the gray arrow on the top-right corner to either hide or delete it. Facebook introduced its own beefed-up search (after dropping Bing) back in December; the tool lets you bring up old content by searching for keywords.

Cleansing your social media accounts is a necessary component to maintaining an organized, successful strategy, and with Facebook’s On This Day page, you are on your way to a simpler way of doing that. 

How do you cleanse your social accounts?